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Spring Is in the Air with Mother Nature

Time Frames
During School Day, After School, Summer, Weekend
On Campus Program
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Community/Fam., Talented/Gifted, Special Ed


Mother Nature tells stories involving nature. One story is an original story by Margaret herself called "How Calvin the Caterpillar Got His Wings". It is a story of a little caterpillar that wanted to be able to fly. He goes through metamorphosis and gets his wings. The other “A Tree For Me” is a favorite rhyming story found in most libraries with Mother Nature’s own special “twist”. Kids delight over her puppets such as the Venus Fly Trap, Audrey, Mama Racoon who is a nocturnal animal, and the yellow and red butterfly puppets. Mama Racoon will help teach the children the difference between a nocturnal and diurnal animal. Audrey will help teach the children what a carnivorous plant is and where the Venus Fly trap lives! They will learn the concepts of "nocturnal" and "diurnal" and what each word means. They will learn examples of animals that fit into each category as well. Audience volunteers will help with manipulating butterfly puppets for the final story. At the end of the program when the final story is told, a confetti launch of tissue paper butterflies will fly over the audience's heads. Children will be asked to pick all the butterflies up, put them into paper sacks that the teachers have and take them back to the classroom to use in an art project to illustrate Mother Nature's original story "How Calvin the Caterpillar Got His Wings". This show is full of ventriloquism, magical moments, and lots of fun!

Students Will

  • Book: A Tree for Me by Nancy Van Laan ISBN 0440417552
  • Learn what nocturnal and diurnal are and an easy way to differentiate the two.
  • Listen and participate as a group in two stories that Mother Nature tells. They will participate through dramatic motions to help illustrate the first story. For the 2nd story, 4 special audience volunteers will be selected to manipulate puppets.
  • Learn about Venus Fly Traps by listening and observing a Venus Flytrap puppet named "Audrey"; They will learn that flytraps get their major nutrients from eating flies, and what a carnivorous plant is.
  • See the concept of metamorphosis demonstrated with an original story by Mother Nature about butterflies through the use of butterfly puppets and audience volunteers.
  • Be encouraged to ask questions regarding the stories heard as well as seek information regarding the animals and plants presented in the presentation.


Dates: Check entertainers on line calendar for availability:, fill out an on line form through the website, or call 817.980.1760
Times: any
Duration: 45 minute show with a 30 minute break between shows.
School Fee: 2 programs $495 or up to 5 programs on one day $895. One 45 minute after school program is $275.
Minimum Attendance: 10
Maximum Attendance: 75
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: Electrical outlet
Other Information: At the end of the program hundreds of tissue paper butterflies will fly into the air through the use of a confetti cannon. Children will be asked to pick up all the butterflies and take them back to the classroom where they should be used in an art project to illustrate the story "How Calvin the Caterpillar Got His Wings" by Margaret Clauder.

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: On-line calendars are available for each separate performer: Margaret Clauder: (Mother Goose, Weather Wonders, Spring is in the Air with Mother Nature, Story of Thanksgiving, The Hero is Within you, Fiesta de Mexico, I Detect a Tale, Ring in the Holidays with Mrs. Claus, After School Balloon Twisting: Brett Roberts (Bubbleologist): Dal Sanders: (Magical, Mysterious Suitcase Science Show, Be a Hero- Not a Bully) Cinde Sanders: (Seusology 101- A Celebration of All Things Dr. Seuss) Or, to help you determine availability of artist call 817.980.1760 or 817.265.5696, to confirm your booking request. You can also fill out a request form at:
Deadline: cancellation no later than 2 weeks before event.
Cancellation Policy: Bookings may be cancelled up to two (2) calendar weeks before performance without penalty. Bookings cancelled within two (2) calendar weeks of performance but up to one (1) calendar week before performance may be rescheduled as artist's bookings allow. Bookings cancelled within one (1) calendar week of performance will require balanced paid in full and rescheduling is at artist's discretion.
After School Policy: Teachers are required to remain in room during performance. Artist will discuss and define the seating area and performance area prior to start of performance. Photographs are permitted as well as short video clips. Please tag us on Facebook at: Margaret A. Clauder.

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      Spring is in the Air with Mother Nature

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