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Featured Programs

Dallas Heritage Village

Candlelight's Special Program - December 3rd -20th, 2019

Many holiday traditions were formed and brought to Texas in the 19th century. Using specialized History Hunts, students will explore many of these traditions in the historic homes which celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah....

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Dallas Arboretum

Living Cycles Learning Gallery Program - During School Day

The Living Cycles gallery is all about growth and change. Predict how the changes in each season correspond to a plant’s life cycle from seed back to soil. Investigate pollinators and their role in the development of some plants. Explore the growth of various plants and animals and identify the impo...

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Audubon Texas - Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center at Cedar Hill

Eco Investigations Academic Program (with Bird of Prey Encounter)- 4th Grade

Expedition field trips led by Audubon educational staff and volunteers and Texas Master Naturalist volunteers, designed to strengthen critical thinking skills across multiple disciplines and incorporate hands-on, inquiry-based learning strategies linked with state-mandated Texas Essential Knowledge ...

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Dallas Children's Theater


Are you ready for some football?! Well…don’t look to the Horace B. Smedley Tornadoes for a win because they’ve never even scored a single point! With an unfocused team that won’t change their attitudes, Coach Armstrong goes crazy. So, Miss Nelson, the school’s favorite teacher, calls in a trusted, b...

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Cretaceous Period: Life and Extinction - Field Trip

What can fossils and geological evidence tell us about Earth during the Cretaceous period? This program utilizes paleontology conducted by the Perot Museum in Alaska and local fossils of dinosaurs and other life collected around Dallas-Fort Worth to reveal the ancient world. Through an experiment,...

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Dawn's Early Light / Malone Connection

There’s a Song in You! Grades 4-6

We bring the recording studio to you. Students learn the basics of music and songwriting and produce a professional CD of an original song. They experience the production process which includes detailed discussion on how lyrics (our words) represent us to the world. Students spend time writing and f...

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Dallas Historical Society

Teaching with Documents: Mapping the Past

Students will learn how to read a map of Fair Park. They will examine older maps and current maps and will evaluate and discuss the differences. Students will apply map skills to real life by finding locations in Fair Park through a scavenger hunt. At the locations, they will discuss what they le...

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MCP Shows - In school performing artists

Spring Is in the Air with Mother Nature

Mother Nature tells stories involving nature. One story is an original story by Margaret herself called "How Calvin the Caterpillar Got His Wings". It is a story of a little caterpillar that wanted to be able to fly. He goes through metamorphosis and gets his wings. The other “A Tree For Me” is ...

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Film Only: Hidden Pacific 3D (January 6 - May 21, 2020) Short Film 20 mins.

This option is Film Only. You may add a Self Guided Exhibit visit or an Education Program to your experience. Profiling the Pacific Ocean’s protected and remote national wildlife refuge islands and marine national monument, the breathtaking footage of faraway islands will leave your students with...

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