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Rochelle Rabouin - dba:BOITUMELO

Coal and the Confused Coyote_Duet_on campus

Time Frames
During School Day, After School, Summer
On Campus Program
2nd, 3rd, Talented/Gifted, Special Ed


This program teaches students about the delicate balance between animals habitats and human habit encroachment. Through storytelling and puppetry, students listen to and participate in a story about a dog named Coal and his adventure exploring a park near his home. Students learn how a dog and a coyote are in the same "genus" but are different in many ways. A sing-a-long and a drawing project are included in this program.

Students Will

  • Learn the similarities and differences between a coyote and a dog
  • Companion Book: Coal and the confused Coyote by Stewart Shelton, ISBN/copyright pending
  • Learn how we can better protect our world and natural resources
  • Learn what habitat encroachment/environmental encroachment is
  • Learn how we can co exist with wildlife
  • Learn a few pet care tips (when walking your pet)


Dates: Tuesday-Friday
Times: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Duration: 45 minutes
School Fee: Flat Rate: $475.00
Minimum Attendance: 20
Maximum Attendance: 150
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: electric outlet, long-free standing table, access to a computer and a screen
Other Information: includes teachers and aides

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: To schedule a presentation, contact Rochelle Rabouin by email at - [email protected] voice mail at 972-513-8596 or text at 972/513-8596 Two bookings per day, with a twenty minutes break between each programs, at one site/school is preferred. For information on our other programs visit our website at:
Deadline: for booking is 2 weeks notice
Cancellation Policy: All booked programs are confirmed when you receive your contract from Rochelle Rabouin by email. Should illness, inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances prevent the program from taking place as scheduled, ROCHELLE RABOUIN / BOITUMELO will offer the option of rescheduling. Programs canceled by the school or venue after confirmation are subject to full payment.
After School Policy: A teacher (s) or after school employee (s) must remain with class at all times.

Curriculum Information

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