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Weather Wonders - the water cycle, weather, clouds, and more. Asynchronous - pre-recorded

Time Frames
During School Day, After School, Summer, Weekend
Online - Student Self-paced (asynchronous)
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, Community/Fam., Talented/Gifted


Weather Wonders is a FUN science program about the weather, the water cycle, the states of matter and clouds. Children will find it fascinating to watch the various magic tricks that demonstrate steam, evaporation, snow and ice. 5 types of precipitation will be taught as well as information regarding how tornadoes form and what lightning is. Lightning is a form of electricity, and at the shows conclusion someone in our home studio (husband or other family member) will hold hands with Meteorologist Maggie as a low level electrical current passes through them to complete a circuit to light up lights. Maggie's puppet sidekick, Cloudia the Cumulonimbus Cloud, will help teach the children (via Margaret's excellent ventriloquism) about weather phenomena and types of clouds. Her other puppet friend, a drawing of Frosty the Snowman, will magically come to life and help reinforce key principles in the program such as the states of matter. Age K-4th.

Students Will

  • Learn about how tornadoes form and what causes lightning to strike.
  • Book: The Cloud Book by Tomie de Paola ISBN9780823402595
  • Make an original artwork using varied media depicting one of the major types of clouds they learn about. This will be an after presentation project for the children to make using construction paper, cotton balls, markers or crayons.
  • Learn and understand the process known as the water cycle and concepts such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation, ground water and more.
  • See 2 types of puppets in use: 1st, a hand puppet (Cloudia the Cumulonimbus Cloud) will teach what a cumulonimus cloud is. Children will see ventriloquism. A drawing board puppet will also be used to reinforce scientific principles.
  • Learn about meteorology as a viable science profession and what meteorologists do.
  • Learn to identify the states of matter - solid, liquid, and gas and see how water can be transformed into each.


Dates: Available any date or time
Times: available for 5 consecutive school days
Duration: 45 minute show
School Fee: $495 allows unlimited access for the balance of the school year.
Minimum Attendance: 2
Maximum Attendance: 500
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: A private Vimeo link will be given to the school for the balance of the school year.
Other Information: To book: Fill out form at, email [email protected] or call 817.980.1760. When calling or emailing, please leave your name, school, phone number, the particular show you wish to have, and the date/time of the program.

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: On-line calendars are available for each separate performer: Margaret Clauder: (Mother Goose, Weather Wonders, Spring is in the Air with Mother Nature, Story of Thanksgiving, The Hero is Within you, Fiesta de Mexico, I Detect a Tale, Ring in the Holidays with Mrs. Claus, After School Balloon Twisting: Brett Roberts (Bubbleologist): Dal Sanders: (Magical, Mysterious Suitcase Science Show, Be a Hero- Not a Bully) Cinde Sanders: (Seusology 101- A Celebration of All Things Dr. Seuss) Or, to help you determine availability of artist call 817.980.1760 or 817.265.5696, to confirm your booking request. You can also fill out a request form at:
Deadline: Must book a minimum of 2 weeks in advance
Cancellation Policy: Bookings may be cancelled up to two (2) calendar weeks before performance without penalty. Bookings cancelled within two (2) calendar weeks of performance but up to one (1) calendar week before performance may be rescheduled as artist's bookings allow. Bookings cancelled within one (1) calendar week of performance will require balanced paid in full and rescheduling is at artist's discretion.
After School Policy: Teachers are required to remain in room during performance. Artist will discuss and define the seating area and performance area prior to start of performance. Photographs are permitted as well as short video clips. Please tag us on Facebook at: Margaret A. Clauder.

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