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USA Film Festival / Kid Film


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During School Day
Online - Student Self-paced (asynchronous)
4th, 5th, Talented/Gifted, Special Ed, Bilingual


KidFilm is a TEKs based visual arts program that brings classroom books to life on the big screen. A majority of films are book-based works (that can be found in your school library) designed to help reinforce literacy skills and includes a variety of classroom topics such as the arts, math, social studies, the environment, discrimination, historical events, human themes, and other curriculum topics, etc. Some of our most requested films include MATH CURSE (Math) and MARTIN'S BIG WORDS (History, Ethics, Civil Rights Movement). Students will receive a compilation program of 4-6 short films that are curriculum interactive, relevant, and entertaining! Based on the TEKs objectives, we have planned an entire curriculum/lesson plan for the teachers -- with all materials included! Teachers are provided with a STUDY GUIDE two weeks before their program that includes lesson plans, activities based on each film, and discussion questions (including but not limited to questions that require the student to identify the story's main idea, literary elements, character motivations, important historical/heroic figures and their impact, etc). Additionally, students will be encouraged to journal their thoughts regarding the films while analyzing the messages in each film. Once the field trip is confirmed, teachers will be provided with the list of films to be presented (if you would like to read the books in the classroom/assign the books for remote readings before the film showings -- though this is not necessary). *****PLEASE NOTE: VIRTUAL FIELD TRIP INFORMATION***** The KidFilm 2023 program will consist of 5-6 TEKS-compliant short films (total runtime= 60-80mins). Short films will be uploaded to the secure video streaming service All Vimeo links will be ACCESSIBLE FOR TWO DAYS (48 hour period) beginning at 8:00am the day the field trip is scheduled. (This way teachers can view the films at their leisure on back-to-back days.)

Students Will

  • Learn how math skills can be applied to everyday life (with the film MATH CURSE).
  • Sharpen their literacy skills by viewing book works adapted for the screen, reading (or re-reading) the books and summarizing/discussing the curriculum-interactive messages/themes.
  • Be encouraged to journal to the Festival discussing their experience/thoughts regarding the films viewed.
  • View and respond to films -- including connecting the films to their lives and discussing their points of view about a topic or historical event addressed in the films (at direction of teacher through use of provided study guide).
  • Identify and analyze the main/supporting ideas and characters from the films (with teacher's direction post-film).
  • View film(s) that teach about the contributions of varying racial/ethic groups to our national identity -- including MLK Jr and his impact on the 20th Century (along with the impact of the Civil Rights movement)..


Dates: 2/23/2024 - 6/14/2024
Duration: 60-80 minutes total runtime (Screening link will be accessible for TWO DAYS -- valid for 48 hours)
School Fee: $50 per class (Maximum of 30 students per class)
Minimum Attendance: 1
Maximum Attendance: 3000
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs:
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Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: After submitting your AP Voucher, please call the USA Film Festival at (214) 821-6300 to schedule your program.
Deadline: 6/7/2024
Cancellation Policy: All reservations are nonrefundable. If you have any questions, please call the USA Film Festival at (214) 821-6300.
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