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Malone Connection

Express Yourself! Storytelling & Creative Writing, Grades 3-5 * Asynchronous Virtual

Time Frames
During School Day, After School, Summer, Weekend
Online - Student Self-paced (asynchronous)
3rd, 4th, 5th, Community/Fam., Talented/Gifted


Children Are Natural StoryTellers. To get your students excited about writing...begin with a great story! These guided experiences build confidence and help individuals find their true voice as they toggle between the written and spoken word. They work cooperatively, listening to and interpreting a speaker's messages (both verbal and nonverbal), assisting one another by asking questions to clarify the speaker's purpose or perspective. Students speak, critique, compete, and learn to tell a great tale through experiences that strengthen writing skills while promoting concentration, cooperation, and communication.

Students Will

  • Discuss and put into practice the value of objective critiquing
  • Literacy: Theatre Games for Young Performers by Maria C. Novelly * ISBN 978-0-916260-31-6
  • Strengthen storytelling and public speaking skills
  • Plan a first draft by selecting a genre for a particular topic, purpose, and audience using a range of strategies such as brainstorming, freewriting
  • Reflect the environment, portray character, and demonstrate actions in classroom dramatizations
  • Generate and clarify questions on a topic for formal and informal inquiry
  • Express emotions and ideas using interpretive movements, sounds, and dialogue;


Dates: Available
Times: Available
Duration: 1 hour & 50 minutes * to be divided into 2-3 sessions per class
School Fee: $500 * link access for three full school days * flexible scheduling for multiple small group viewing
Minimum Attendance: 10
Maximum Attendance: 500
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: TV or projector for viewing video
Other Information: Please read the cancellation policy

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: For Scheduling call: Esther Malone 214-704-6782 [email protected] Malone Connection educators will log onto the link provided by the school for Live Synchronous programming. All Animal Encounter pre-recorded Asynchronous programming links will be available for three consecutive school days. Other links vary from 2-3 days. Ask about weekend bookings.
Deadline: Available
Cancellation Policy: A program is confirmed when you receive your contract. Should inclement weather or other unforeseen emergency circumstances prevent the program from taking place as scheduled, we will offer the option of rescheduling. All cancellations are subject to full payment. With the exception of unforeseen circumstances, changing the date of a specific session can be made with two weeks' notice and is subject to the availability of the artist.
After School Policy: A teacher or afterschool employee must be with the students at all times to assist with classroom management. They are also responsible for supervising the students before and after class, walking students to the bus or releasing students to their parents.

Curriculum Information

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