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Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture

"And Be It Resolved" Mock Trial 2019-2020

Time Frames
During School Day
Field Trip
7th, 8th, 9th, Talented/Gifted


Judge, jury, bailiff, lawyers, and witnesses all come to life as students create a mock trial in Old Red’s 1892 restored courtroom. Students take on the roles and responsibilities of a civil court case while learning about law and local government, the details of court proceedings, the importance of a trial by jury, and how to create and analyze arguments. Students sharpen their critical thinking skills and have a unique opportunity to practice public speaking in this mock trial format. And Be It Resolved allows students to write opening statements, question witnesses, and create closing arguments through the characters they create while learning about law, government, and our justice system in a fun and interactive way. This particular trial will discuss Japanese Internment camps during World War 2, concepts of private property, and the distinction between state and federal law. It will also introduce students to important Asian American figures in Dallas history.

Students Will

  • Create and act out a civil court case in Old Red's 1892 restored courtroom.
  • Refine critical thinking and public speaking skills.
  • Create characters such as judge, bailiff, prosecution, defense, witnesses, and jurors.
  • Write opening statements, witness question and answers, and closing arguments.
  • Serve on a jury, deliberate, and deliver a verdict


Dates: August 2019 to July 2020
Times: Monday - Friday, 9am to 5pm
Duration: Each mock trial lasts about 50 minutes and is designed for 30-35 students. More than one mock trial can be done during a school visit. It is followed be a self-guided gallery visit.
School Fee: Price Per Student: $7.00
Minimum Attendance: 20
Maximum Attendance: 120
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: 1 adult is REQUIRED for every 20 students.
Other Information: ADULT ADMISSION: We allot one free adult for every ten students, any after that are the regular admission price of $10. Please arrive on time for your program. If your group is running late, please call the Museum's front desk at 214-745-1100. The Museum requires one adult who will be actively engaged in the program for every 20 students.

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: Call the Old Red Group Sales team at 214-757-1925. Email [email protected]
Deadline: Please schedule at least two weeks in advance.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made a minimum of 2 weeks (10 business days) in advance. If you choose not to come on your scheduled day and have not rescheduled, your school or ISD will be responsible for 100% of the amount due for your trip. If your school or ISD is closed on the day of your trip due to inclement weather or other emergencies, we will make every effort to reschedule. If no make-up day is available, you will be refunded the cost of your program. Please understand that when you schedule a school program, the museum schedules staff and volunteers to make the program possible.
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