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Junior Players

African Griot Performance - On Campus

Time Frames
During School Day, After School, Summer, Weekend
On Campus Program
Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, Community/Fam.


One of Junior Players' Griot Storytellers will entertain and educate students on African culture through the telling of stories and folktales of Africa. Show material varies based on grade level.

Students Will

  • learn about African culture
  • be exposed to the African Art of Griot (Storytelling)
  • be entertained by the stories and folktales of Africa
  • African Culture by Catherine Chambers ISBN-13: 978-1432967857


Dates: performances available Mon -Fri
Times: 7am - 7pm
Duration: 0ne - 60 minute performance
School Fee: Flat Rate: $400.00
Minimum Attendance: 10
Maximum Attendance: 300
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: Varies according to performance
Other Information:

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: To schedule a program, please call (214) 526-4076 or email [email protected]; You MUST get a confirmation from the Executive Director so that your request can be processed. Confirmation response may take 24 -72 hours.
Deadline: Must book 2 weeks prior to performance date
Cancellation Policy: Programs may be cancelled up to 30 days in advance without a penalty. With less than 30 days cancellation notice, organizations will be billed for the first month's fee. Class sessions that are cancelled with less than two weeks notice are subject to payment. In the event of DISD cancellation of after school activities for any reason including testing, inclement weather, etc., Junior Players will charge for scheduled sessions on that day.
After School Policy: Programs should have the same room each week for consistency. Rooms should be of appropriate size and conducive to the afterschool activity. Junior Players Artist Instructors are not allowed to release children to parents. Please inform the Instructors of appropriate arrival and dismissal process (for eg., picking up and bringing children back to an allocated location at a set time). A class session will consist of a maximum of 25 students and will be no longer than 60 minutes. The maximum number of students for Visions of Community & Photography is 15 students. Classes must have the same children for the duration of the session. If there are more than 15 students in the class session, a DISD staff member may be required to monitor behavior.

Curriculum Information

Lesson Plans

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