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Frontiers of Flight Museum

Lunar Survival - (On campus at your school)

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In the year 2033, your team of astronauts will be relieving the crew of a lunar mining camp. Your spacecraft runs into trouble and crashes onto the Moon's surface hundreds of miles from the mining camp. You have limited equipment that you can take with you, which ones do you take and what will you leave behind? Program includes lunar information and phases and will be taught using age appropriate methodology.

Students Will

  • be divided into teams and will receive a scenario and determine, from important to least important, survival items to take along to the rescue site
  • Book: The Moon; Symour Simons; ISBN 0-689-81563-9
  • learn about the Moon's phases, atmosphere, environment, landscape and terrain


Dates: Monday - Friday
Times: 10am-2pm
Duration: 45 minutes for on campus class to include Q&A..
School Fee: Flat Rate: $120.00
Number Of Workshops Included: 1
Price Per Additional Workshop: $60.00
Minimum Attendance: 10
Maximum Attendance: 120
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs:
Other Information: Teachers may request scenario to allow students to begin thought process. Please request your reservation online at Voucher number and approval code must be included in your reservation request.

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: Please request your reservation online at or for Outreach (at your school) . Voucher number and approval code must be included in your reservation request.
Deadline: submit your online reservation request prior to voucher expiration date
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation Policy: A non refundable deposit or an Arts Partners voucher and approval code is due within 10 days of booking your program. Your remaining balance is due two weeks before your confirmed visit date. A program is confirmed when you receive your confirmation e-mail. Should inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances prevent the program from taking place as scheduled, the Frontiers of Flight Museum will work with you to reschedule. Changing dates for a program can be made with sufficient advance notice (prior to 48 hours of the confirmed date) and we will make every effort to reschedule your program to an alternate date. No refunds will be given for absent students. All programs will begin promptly at the time scheduled. Cancellation of the program after confirmation is subject to full payment.
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