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Featured Programs

Dallas Arboretum

Restless Earth (On Campus) - During School Day

Every place has a story. In this lab, students study maps to identify features of Earth’s surface. They then explore the slow processes that create geological change: weathering, erosion and deposition. 3rd grade student investigate how these processes lead to the formation of soils. 4th and 5th gra...

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Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Symphony YES! Woodwind Quintet (On Campus)

Five members from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra provide students with an interactive introduction to woodwind instruments. A wide range of repertoire in contrasting styles demonstrating all periods of music is performed as individual instruments are discussed and demonstrated. Students are encourage...

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Dallas Zoo

Veterinary Science: 3rd-12th

Explore the world of a veterinarian technician at the Dallas Zoo as you learn how to use scientific tools and deductive reasoning to identify problems and create treatment plans in this engaging Veterinary Science program....

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Laura Strother - Visual Artist

Summer Camp Revisited: Lanyards, Braids, and Friendship Bracelets, 6th-8th grade (on campus)

This workshop is a fun way to make handicrafts from yarn, embroidery thread, lanyard thread, beads, and finishing hooks. Working with thread increases hand/eye coordination, persistence, and the ability to follow instructions, crafting work can be taught with different grade levels at the same time....

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Dallas Arboretum

Garden Design Challenge

What environmental factors and landscape design choices must our horticulture staff consider when designing our seasonal plantings? In this new offering, students work with actual Arboretum plant lists and design notes to create a landscape in the garden, with specific focus on elements of design an...

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Audubon Texas - Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center at Cedar Hill

Eco Investigations Academic Program (with bird of prey encounter)- 8th Grade

Eco Investigations programs are expedition field trips led by Audubon staff and volunteers, designed to strengthen critical thinking skills across multiple disciplines and incorporate hands-on, inquiry-based learning strategies linked with state-mandated Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills objectiv...

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Daniel de Cordoba Bailes Espanoles

Flamenco with Daniel de Cordoba : Master Class

The wonderful kingdom of Spain is explored with Daniel de Cordoba through descriptive dialogue, an exciting Flamenco dance performance, audience participation and hand on activities. Students will learn about Hispanic culture and how it relates to Texas....

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Rochelle Rabouin - dba:BOITUMELO

World Music - Duet On-Campus

Learn about different countries and cultures through songs and music. Listen to and Learn to sing in a different language with folk music from Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, North America, South America...

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The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Audio-Guided Museum Visit

The Museum examines the life, times, death and legacy of President John F. Kennedy. It is located on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository in downtown Dallas. Nearly 400 historic photographs, original interviews, artifacts, interpretive displays and films take visitors back to...

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