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Featured Programs

Dawn's Early Light

Emotional Literacy & Hip Hop * grades K-3

Youth love Hip Hop because it grabs the senses with rhythm, movement and flow. Emotional literacy teaches the importance of recognizing feelings and learning how to express and work through them. During the interactive presentation participants investigate feelings through music, words, movement a...

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Le Theatre de Marionette - Big Thought Artist

Kent Williams Big Thought Artist Japanese Kabuki Theater On Campus

Kent offers a very exciting way to bring a traditional and popular Japanese art form to your classroom. Students explore the history of the kabuki theater of Japan while learning the basic movement techniques of the samurai (male) and onnagata (female), wearing kimono costumes and learning to gestu...

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Dallas Children's Theater


The haphazard detective work of Scooby Doo meets the witty banter of Glee in this frighteningly fun musical based on the beloved Goosebumps series. Brooke and Zeke are starring in their school play …The Phantom. (Yep—it’s a spoof of the Broadway musical!) When strange things start to happen during r...

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Dana Proulx-Willis; Storytelling, Mime, Playwriting - Big Thought Artist

Fairy Tale Adventure: " Mrs. Goose and the Thing in the Closet"

”Mrs. Goose and the Thing in the Closet” (Story drama good for Pre-K thru 1st grade). Sometimes things aren’t what they seem to be. Help Mrs. Goose and her neighbors vanquish the monster in Mrs. Goose’s closet! Students will hear the story and then recreate it, deciding how best to stage it in the ...

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Daniel de Cordoba Bailes Espanoles

The Dances of Spain (The Roots of Flamenco) Daniel de Cordoba & Ensemble

Daniel de Cordoba & His Flamenco dancers transport students to Spain through hands on application of Spanish & Flamenco dance. Students will learn about the importance of Spanish culture as it relates to Texas through art, language, music and dance....

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Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park

Butterflies, Bugs and Botany - On Campus 1st Grade

Explore the amazing lives of insects and learn about the special adaptations of different pollinators! We will explore the interdependence of insects and plants throughout nature. Through games and meeting live insects, students will learn to value pollination and the insects that help this proces...

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Bishop Arts Theatre Center

Act Up After School - Musical Theatre Class (Middle and High School)

In this exciting musical theatre workshop, students will discover their voice and unique talents in a nurturing, artistic environment. They will engage with Dallas working professionals in a Master Class setting to learn musical theatre skills and techniques. Students will also learn musical theatr...

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Cara Mía Theatre Company

Storytelling from Mexico: The Wisdom of Viejo Antonio - On Campus

Great for cultural heritage! A bilingual storytelling performance that uncovers the mythology and culture of the ancient Maya from Mexico. Utilizing masks and live music, this show meets TEKS objectives in Theater Arts, Music, History and Cultural Heritage. For grades 2-8. Available year-round....

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The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Conflicting Evidence: The First 24 Hours After the Kennedy Assassination - Museum Visit Add-On Program

Examine evidence found by investigators within the first 24 hours after the Kennedy assassination. Students will evaluate the accuracy of reports and eyewitness accounts and will use photographic analysis to evaluate what happened ton November 22, 1963. This program transforms students into histor...

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