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Featured Programs

Chefsville Kids

Chefsville Kids: Discover Language Arts through Cooking (Assembly Program) On Campus 2019-20

Food is a fantastic vehicle for providing an exciting learning adventure that will captivate students, and is versatile enough to connect to any academic medium - even language arts! In this program, students will discover the exciting world of language arts through cooking, health, and nutritio...

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The Artist Outreach

Creating Songs Using Mathematics - Residency

TAO artists create songs with students’ birthdays. Melodies and songs are created from the students’ birth dates by turning them into musical notation, associating music and math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and complex multiplication, proper and improper fractions- all mathematical for...

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Dallas Children's Theater

Andi Boi

As more and more young people are coming to terms with gender identity and transitioning, there is a need for resources that can encourage conversation and understanding in a safe and open environment. Dallas Children’s Theater is pleased to add this topic to its series of internationally-recognized...

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Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park

Gardening for Children - Field Trip (Program Only) PreK & Kinder

Students will explore gardens and recognize that people plant gardens for a variety of reasons. They will learn the basic needs of plants and the parts of that plant and seed. Lesson ends with each student planting their very own seed in a take-home cup! Additional pre and post extension activitie...

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Audubon Texas - Trinity River Audubon Center

Eco Investigations - 4th - 5th Grade Field Trip

In this 4 hour long,* Audubon instructor-led program, students will explore the three ecosystems unique to Trinity River Audubon Center: Bottomland Hardwood Forest, Blackland Prairie, and the Trinity River. Students will discuss animal adaptations while encountering native animals. Students will use...

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Dawn's Early Light / Malone Connection

Ultimate Safari * 1 - 8 Grade Assembly

Ultimate Safari We are proud to bring Critterman’s ‘Ultimate Safari’ programming to Dallas youth! ‘Ultimate Safari’ gives students a close-up view of their natural world, including rare and unusual animals not commonly exhibited in zoos. We offer three theme options: 1) Stephen F. Austin’s Texas...

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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Brain Power: The Brain Dissection - On Campus

Gain insight on basic brain anatomy and functions through this guided sheep brain dissection. Working in teams of four, students will uncover how the brain controls all our bodily functions and how a sheep brain compares to that of a human. Program includes on brain per four students. Additional ...

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Museum of International Cultures

Toys & Games-Discovery Box

The origin and history of toys and games from around the world. Many games are made from recycled materials. Toys and games are used in most cultures to teach and help children to practice valuable skills. Students are lead to think what a children from another culture could learn from each objec...

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Dallas Historical Society

Aunt Rose: Storyteller

"Aunt Rose" tells Fairy Tales Texas Style, based upon tall tales of Texas history! Texas has a history as big as the state and the stories about Texas heroes are a match. Engaging story telling depicts morals, responsibilities, customs and traditions via tales of the past. Presenter wears perio...

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