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Featured Programs

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Youth Concerts- Beethoven and Bernstein

The DSO celebrates the 100th birthday of the American musical genius, Leonard Bernstein, by pairing his music with that of the composer he loved the most: Beethoven. From Beethoven’s 5th Symphony to Bernstein’s West Side Story, this concert takes a fascinating look at how one master inspired another...

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Dallas Arboretum

Niños y la Naturaleza: Renacuajo y sus amigos (On Campus) - During School Day

This Spanish-language outreach lesson is specifically designed to support your Spanish-speaking bilingual, dual and ELL early childhood students. What do all living organisms have in common? Do all living things begin their life as an egg? Find out in this fun filled interactive lesson about plant a...

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Chefsville Kids

Chefsville-Kids: Life (On Campus Classroom Program) 2018-2019

Classroom programs are classroom versions of our assembly programs under the same name allowing more topic detail, student focus and classroom activities. Food is a fantastic vehicle to provide an exciting learning adventure that will captivate students. LIFE will thrill students as they disc...

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Dallas Children's Theater


Dallas Children’s Theater presents A GHOST TALE FOR MR. DICKENS, based on a chapter book from the popular Magic Tree House series. Join brother and sister duo, Jack and Annie, as they are whisked back in time aboard their magical tree ride to the foggy streets of Victorian England. Their mission: t...

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Dallas Zoo

Animal Food Chains & Webs: 3rd-5th

Bring predators and prey to life! Discover how energy is transferred in food chains and food webs. Through hands-on activities and live animals, students learn how animals are connected and depend upon each other and their environments to survive...

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Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park

Gardening for Children - Field Trip (Program Only) - 1st & 2nd Grade

Students will explore gardens and recognize that people plant gardens for a variety of reasons. They will learn the basic needs of plants and the parts of that plant and seed. Lesson ends with each student planting their very own seed in a take-home cup! Additional pre and post extension activitie...

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Chefsville Kids

Chefsville-Kids: Space Chefs (Classroom Program) On Campus 2018-19

Classroom programs are classroom versions of our assembly programs under the same name allowing more topic detail, student focus and classroom activities. Kids will be encouraged to learn more about astronomy through NASA pictures, videos, and through this science-based program presentation. How ...

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Dawn's Early Light

The Art of Story Illustration - Grades 3-8 Campus Program

How do artists create wonderful picture-book illustrations? Why do children love reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ over and over again? Students toggle back and forth exploring the relationship between story and illustration. They enjoy a multisensory experience with various mediums which may inc...

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Lynn Moon Schellenberg Dance Therapist & Certified Kids Yoga Instructor

Creative Math Movement: On Campus Class with Lynn Moon

Using colorful stretch sacks, elastic bands, and other unusual props, students explore spatial movement and shapes that express their feelings. Lynn’s innovative program promotes healthy self-esteem while teaching geometric concepts and elements of movement. She can plan this flexible program to tie...

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