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Featured Programs

Sheila Cunningham Bookmaking/Visual Artist-Big Thought Artist

A Bookmaking Residency with Kids

Sheila makes literacy lively, offering a rare opportunity for students to learn the exquisite history and art of bookmaking. After an overview of the history of books, Sheila shares how innovation has influenced the evolution of books overtime. Next, students will make their own books. They employ f...

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Dallas Arboretum

Self-Guided Field Trip: Our Place at Your Pace - During School Day (Main Garden Only)

Dallas’ most beautiful classroom is the Arboretum’s 66 acres of educational adventure on White Rock Lake. Explore the mist in the Palmer Fern Dell and investigate the fossils in the water walls at the Lay Ornamental Garden. Your students will be immersed in nature as they explore the beauty and wond...

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Camp Fire

Conflict Resolution

Camp Fire’s Conflict Resolution Program is designed to help youth practice positive social and emotional behaviors, and develop conflict resolution skills. The objectives of this program are to help youth better understand their feelings, develop strategies for coping with difficult situations, and ...

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The Writer's Garret

BookMarks! Seven Brave Women

Throughout the reading of this book, children are encouraged to dialogue about the individual bravery of each woman in the author’s life. Children will then discuss with partners the brave women in their lives and create a woven story-telling craft....

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Chefsville Kids

Chefsville-Kids: Energy (Assembly Program) On Campus

Students discover the exciting and incredible world of cooking, health, and nutrition through the passions of a real Chef as they see how to apply Science. Energy is the focus for this workshop. Students will work with several types of yeast dough to learn the relationship between matter and ene...

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Margaret Clauder Presents - Big Thought Artist

I Detect A Tale - Solving a Mystery with Detective Imma Sleuth

Margaret, a.k.a. Detective "Imma Sleuth", will have your students become Jr. detectives to solve a mystery. Books will be lined up on the table with various titles. Using their powers of deduction, clues, a fingerprint matching book, and a secret code, the junior detectives will figure out which sto...

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Dallas Black Dance Theatre

Matinee Performance: DBDT: Encore! Presents Peter & The Wolf

Dallas Black Dance Theatre: Encore! presents Peter & The Wolf a symphonic fairy tale for children composed by Sergei Prokofiev. Watch and enjoy as animals come to life through music and dance interpretation. Classical ballet, modern dance and jazz techniques are used to physicalize the animals and...

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Dallas Zoo

African Safari Guided Tour: 4th - 5th Grade

What does it take to survive on the savanna? Explore the Savanna with an interactive, instructor led tour. Discover the specialized adaptations of the animals who call the Dallas Zoo's Giants of the Savanna home....

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Audubon Texas-Dogwood Canyon Audubon Center at Cedar Hill

Eco Investigations Academic Program Trip (with bird of prey encounter)- 4th Grade

Eco Investigations programs are expedition field trips led by Audubon staff and volunteers, designed to strengthen critical thinking skills across multiple disciplines and incorporate hands-on, inquiry-based learning strategies linked with state-mandated Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills objectiv...

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