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1409 S Lamar St, Ste 004
Dallas, TX 75215
Phone: 2144217727112
Fax: 2146130008

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We inspire students grades 2 - 12 to think like an inventor by showing them how to apply core science concepts through hands-on, wildly creative activities. All 2.5 hour visits are located on our premises, and are split evenly between instructor-led activity and free, unstructured play. SPARK! provides a fully immersive learning environment, layering a myriad of creative disciplines to spark the imagination, expand the mind, and engage the body. Through an endless roster of workshops and pop-up activities, they develop their self-definition as creative individuals as they learn from creative experts, innovators, and artists.

Scheduling Info: •Group reservation – Fees range from $10-$20 per student, per 2.5-hour session, depending on which wildly creative activity is chosen. •For more information and to register, please visit
Cancellation Policy: In the event that you are unable to attend a program for which you have registered, and your request is received by SPARK! with more than 30-days notice, you will receive a 25% refund of amount already paid. If SPARK! is closed due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. inclement weather, utility outage, or any other issue that may prohibit our ability to deliver a true SPARK! experience) all programs will automatically be canceled and 100% refund will be issued. If SPARK! is open, but your group chooses not to come, no refund will be issued. NOTE: If the Dallas Independent School District closes for inclement weather, so does SPARK! If you have questions as to whether or not SPARK! is open during inclement weather, you can check,, (972) 925-3700 or (214) 421-7727.
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3D Construction: Homes, Buildings and Skyscrapers Multiple Formats Field Trip
Aboriginal Dot Art Multiple Formats Field Trip
Butterfly Life Cycle Paintings Multiple Formats Field Trip
Can Mirrors: Transform art designs through compressed reflections Multiple Formats Multiple Formats
Castles and Catapults Challenge Multiple Formats Multiple Formats
Color Your Own T-Shirts Summer Field Trip
Constructing Thaumatropes: Explore continuous streams of motion and illusions of motion Multiple Formats Multiple Formats
Design and Build a Vehicle Multiple Formats Multiple Formats
Design Your Own Planet Multiple Formats Multiple Formats
Geometric Picasso Inspired Animals Multiple Formats Field Trip