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Lynn Baskind Puppeteer and Storyteller-Big Thought Artist

Nimble Numbers with Lynn Baskind and Willy Welch - On Campus.

Time Frames
During School Day
On Campus Program
Pre K, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, Community/Fam., Talented/Gifted, Special Ed


Lynn Baskind and Willy Welch present a dynamic, interactive theatrical performance! Using fun-loving stories, songs, puppets and interactive games, Lynn and Willy explore creative ways to make math more meaningful and lots of fun. The strong visual and kinesthetic contents of the show will help students to understand and master skills like number recognition, addition, subtraction, skip counting, problem solving, doubling, fractions, multiplication and division. The content of the show will be specifically appropriate to grade level. The visual arts components using colorful pictures, props and puppets help to create a spectacular performance. Lynn demonstrates how puppets are made and shares her creative processes making up the stories. This very popular program has been consistently rebooked by schools, year after year throughout the Metroplex. The performance is super appropriate for PTA parent-student meetings and Kindergarten parent-students events. Visit Lynn's Facebook page

Students Will

  • act out stories that explore math concepts.
  • sing-a-long and remember number sequences.
  • Literary connection: Math Curse by Jon Sciezka and Lane Smith ISBN #0.670.86194.4
  • Use numbers and problem solving math skills.
  • Develop impromptu speaking skills
  • Build performance confidance


Dates: Monday - Friday
Times: 8 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.
Duration: In School, two 45 minute performances back-to-back. After school, one 75 minute program.
School Fee: $400 for two 45 min back-to back performance. 90 students per show $400 for one 75 minute afterschool performance.
Minimum Attendance: 15
Maximum Attendance: 90
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: Large room with space to move around. Auditorum, cafeteria, library, or music room ideal.
Other Information:

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: Please email [email protected] to schedule a program at least two weeks before the program date. Confirmed when you receive your contract via email. Please call Lynn to discuss program contents - math, literature or both: 972 733 0596. Lynn will confirm that she is coming at least one week before the program's scheduled date.
Deadline: Two weeks before the program date.
Cancellation Policy: Should illness, inclement weather or other unforseen circumstances take place, Lynn offers the option of re-scheduling. Full payment required if program is canceled on the day of the program.
After School Policy: A teacher or afterschool employee must remain with class at all times. Preferable if teacher participates in the program.

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