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Lynn Baskind Puppeteer and Storyteller-Big Thought Artist

18610 Turnbridge Dr,
Dallas, TX 75252
Phone: 9727330596

Lynn is a former English and Math High School teacher and lecturer in the drama department of Teachers Training College. Her dynamic, interactive creativity fills her programs with artistry and great theatrical fun while seriously exploring the underlying academic goals. Using puppets encourages performance skills and creativity that builds self-esteem. Impromptu play-acting at any elementary school level encourages creativity, impromptu speaking, organization skills and co-operation. Converting toys into puppets, creating costumes out of table cloths etc...and then creating plays with friends is an engaging way to develop life skills. Lynn hopes to teach playmaking skills that will inspire young people to create and perform plays at home. These fun-filled activities can build social skills and develop self-esteem. Lynn Baskind is a seasoned perfomance artist.. Lynn Baskind has been a long-term provider of Big Thought programming, including curriculum integrated arts experience performances, residencies and master classes. Lynn's love of math is expressed in her Nimble Numbers program. It offers a dynamic way of introducing and reinforcing numeracy. Lynn has made 2 CD's of songs and stories to teach early math concepts and facts. Check out Lynn's facebook and website.

Scheduling Info: Please email [email protected] to schedule a program at least two weeks before the program date. Confirmed when you receive your contract via email. Please call Lynn to discuss program contents - math, literature or both: 972 733 0596. Lynn will confirm that she is coming at least one week before the program's scheduled date.
Cancellation Policy: Should illness, inclement weather or other unforseen circumstances take place, Lynn offers the option of re-scheduling. Full payment required if program is canceled on the day of the program.
After School Policy A teacher or afterschool employee must remain with class at all times. Preferable if teacher participates in the program.

Found 5 Programs or Program Variations

A SONG OF LOVE During School Day On Campus Program
Mrs. Pockets Puppet Playtime - On Campus Multiple Formats On Campus Program
Nimble Numbers with Lynn Baskind and Willy Welch - On Campus. During School Day On Campus Program
Playwriting with Puppeteering: Residency with Lynn Baskind During School Day Residency
Puppet Fun for Older Kids with Lynn Baskind - On Campus During School Day On Campus Program