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Public Art from the WPA

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The Works Progress Administration, which began in 1934 as a component of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s second “New Deal,” proved to be one of the most successful programs during the Great Depression. The project employed thousands of writers, teachers, photographers, designers, thespians, and artists, ultimately creating a kaleidoscope of American culture that has not been duplicated since. In this presentation, students will explore the history of the program and examine the contributions from a variety of professionals, including posters, murals, photographs, recipes, travelogues, and life stories.

Students Will

  • critically assess subject matter through photographic selections
  • create their own “guides” that can include family stories and recipes. They can illustrate this through photographs and/or artwork.
  • create posters with public service announcements that is relevant to the time period of the Great Depression as well as today
  • evaluate peers’ artworks based on their own interpretations


Dates: open availability
Times: open
Duration: 1 hour
School Fee: Price Per Additional Hour: $85.00
Price Per Hour: $225.00
Minimum Attendance: 10
Maximum Attendance: 100
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs: Projector for Power Point Presentation (I will bring my own equipment if necessary)
Other Information:

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: Call 214-219-2006 ext. 301
Deadline: open
Cancellation Policy: Programs cancelled 14 business days or less prior to program's start date are liable for full payment. Rescheduled programs require 21 business days prior to start date and are subject to availability.
After School Policy: Artreach requires a representative of the school site be present and available at all school programs.

Educational Materials

      The WPA and Public Art

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