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Camp Fire


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During School Day, After School, Summer
On Campus Program
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th


InterACTION walks youth through the often-bewildering process of learning to communicate with others effectively, both learning how to get their point across to others and understanding what others are trying to say to them. This will help them prevent conflict, or manage it more successfully if it can't be prevented. It will also allow them to strengthen relationships with their friends, parents, teachers, and others whom they will spend their lives needing to work with and understand. At the same time, the lessons gently encourage them to consider what happens when the best of intentions don't work out. They're reminded that they can't control the behavior of others, and no one is perfect - we all have moments when our communications are less than ideal. How we cope with that, including apologizing when we're wrong, is part of this curriculum.

Students Will

  • learn about different communication styles
  • will learn how to understand others and develop empathy
  • will teach them the desired qualitites in various relationships
  • understand different approaches for communicating with adults in different roles
  • learn to identify strategies for preventing and/or managing conflict
  • learn how to deal with negative peer pressure or communication situations.


Dates: Monday - Friday
Times: During School Day - 1-3 pm, Afterschool - 4-5 pm
Duration: 6, 1 hour sessions
School Fee: Price Per Hour: $150.00
Minimum Attendance: 15
Maximum Attendance: 25
Bilingual: No
Technical Needs:
Other Information:

Scheduling / Booking

Instructions: Contact Sheri Hemby @ 214.935.9029 or [email protected] to schedule a program. Please schedule a minimum of 30 days in advance. The program is confirmed when you receive your schedule via fax or email.
Deadline: NA
Cancellation Policy: Programs may be cancelled up to two weeks in advance without a penalty. A cancellation of less than two weeks are subject to full payment. In the event of DISD cancellation of after school activities for any reason including testing, inclement weather, etc, Camp Fire will reschedule that day's programs.
After School Policy: Programs should have the same room each week for consistency. The room should be of appropriate size and have table/desk space, as well as room for movement. All afterschool programs will begin at the time designated. Please have students seated and ready on time. An afterschool or DISD employee must be with the students at all times to assist with classroom management. Special Note - Wise Kids programs may require gym and/or outdoor access.

Curriculum Information

Lesson Plans

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